Focus and Improve

Risk, audit and analytics careers

Everyone thinks that risk, analytics and actuarial careers are about saying no. At Cover-More, our team is in the business of making great things happen, with advice and insight that enables opportunities and strengthens solutions. While still ensuring and embedding that all-important regulatory rigour, of course.

Data Analytics

From clouds and data lakes to enriched reports and hypotheses explored, the expert insight and exciting ideas that come out of Data Analytics makes our business smarter, our products better and our customers happier.

Role types
Business Information Analyst, Data Quality Analyst, SQL Developer
Product & Actuarial

Product & Actuarial people are driven to grow our business by making our insurance product range even better. They’re focused on keeping our standards high, using insight, analytics and insurance industry know-how to get it right for our customers.

Role types
Underwriter, Actuarial Analyst

Risk and Compliance look into our clients’ strategic, operational, financial and tech processes. Getting to grips with businesses and digging deep into regulations, they work together to make risk-reducing, premium-cutting, expert recommendations.

Role types
Risk and Compliance Manager, Risk Specialist

I give it my all every day, knowing I'll receive encouragement in return.

Actuarial with more
Leon Yan - Product & Actuarial

Leon Yan has always pursued a career in actuarial science, but it wasn’t until he joined Cover-More that he found his passion.

“Actuaries tend to be technical – we like our models! But to be successful, you also need to be commercially minded. At Cover-More, I have the exposure to that side of things as well as senior leadership. You don’t get that in other companies.”

Leon has always worked hard at his career and gaining his actuarial qualification at Cover-More. His time with us has provided him with opportunities above and beyond official certification, though.

“Cover-More has always been supportive of ideas I’ve had. I’ve been given a lot of support to attend conferences and to do further studies and find it very encouraging.”

“It’s because of these opportunities that I’ve been able to grow in confidence. Here, I’m respected for my work; people look to me as the subject matter expert.”


Give and take

Actuarial careers with us are about collaboration. And Leon notes, new ideas and cross-team working are always welcome in every area of the business.

“Everyone is very welcoming, especially when it comes to having someone come in from a different area to learn about what they do. It’s an invaluable attitude.”

Besides working together to develop commercial smarts, Leon also points to the flexibility he’s been offered as a reason his 9 to 5 is so fulfilling.

“Some people may take a normal lunch break, but I visit the gym. And that allows me to focus even more. As well as the health and fitness subsidy Cover-More offers, my manager is supportive. It’s all about how I can be my best self and add value to the business.

“I’m receiving all this encouragement, plus getting assistance in staying fit and healthy so I want to give back to Cover-More with the work that I do.

“I’ve also started and grown my family while at Cover- More. And they’ve been really cool with parental leave and me taking time off to be with my little ones.”