Medical and wellbeing careers

Made up of medical, health and wellbeing professionals as well as experienced and dedicated teams of case managers, WellCare is where we get customers the care and advice they need – on holiday, at work, on site and over the phone. It’s a fast-paced, driven and caring place to grow your career. One where above and beyond effort makes life-changing – sometimes life-saving – differences.

Learn more about some of our WellCare brands: World Travel Protection and Benestar


Our medical team (Registered Nurses and doctors) are on the end of the phone when emergencies happen. Working fast and focused in difficult situations, the team offer expert medical advice and services to travellers all over the world, round the clock.

Role types
Registered Nurse, Medical Consultant, Medical Officer
Case Managers

High-performing, well-travelled, and occasionally multilingual, our World Travel Protection case managers are great at bringing the world home safe. All with their own empathetic style and an unwavering commitment to getting customers the care they need.

Role types
Case Manager, Team Leader

Our Benestar team of clinicians use their psychological know-how to help everyone be their best self – at work and in life – with holistic health and wellbeing initiatives. Think corporate wellness and performance, psychological assessment and trauma counselling.

Role types
Psychologist, Organisational Psychologist, Social Worker, Trauma Clinician, Clinical Leader, Wellness Support Officer

I will always put in my all and strive to do the right thing. I have dedicated 15 years of my life to Cover-More. I love this place, I love everyone I work with. It's like a family.

From small beginnings to global growth
Alerah Turner - World Travel Protection

Alerah joined Cover-More in 2003 as a claims officer. She quickly moved on to a specialist role for cancellations claims, before stepping up to roles covering internal disputes and major loss claims. And then she took on an entirely new challenge – the first of its kind in our business.

“Instead of being focused on the insurance side of things, I had to collaborate and integrate with the medical assistance team. It was a steep learning curve where I learned new and unfamiliar medical terminology, systems, process and protocols as part of the job.”

Alerah says it’s her drive and commitment that has taken her on a surprising career path.

“You’ve got to put in to get out. And you’ve got to want it for yourself. I’m always striving to do the best and the right thing by the company and for the company.”

Going global

In her current role as Global Network and Procurement Manager at World Travel Protection, Alerah manages external relationships for WTP’s international medical and travel assistance providers, including hospitals, air ambulance, and cost containment partners. She also sits on both the cost containment and network panels for the International Assistance group – a global alliance of assistance companies and providers around the world. Looking to the future, she’s excited about the growth on our horizon.

“I’ve seen Cover-More grow from 200 staff to what it is today. The global growth aspirations that we have as a business are amazing. We’re also owned by Zurich, which gives us leverage into other lines of insurance. It’s inspiring and exciting.”

Still growing

Thanks to a partnership between Cover-More and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) – as well as her own drive to learn – Alerah is currently studying for her MBA.

“I was given the opportunity to apply for MGSM’s Women in MBA program which I’m now a part of and working towards gaining my MBA. The program is designed to encourage gender diversity in leadership. It’s a great opportunity – and one that I wouldn’t have been given anywhere else.

“The rewards are great, but the thing that has kept me at Cover-More is definitely the people. It’s a great place to work – and knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life every single day is so rewarding.

“If you’re thinking about joining us, be brave, take chances and back yourself – if you can dream it you can achieve it.”